Unherd Stream:

22nd July: This moment is bigger than 1989 with Philosopher John Gray

2nd May: Prof Michael Levitt - Lockdown is a "huge mistake"

21st May: The Epidemic is on its way out with Professor Sunetra Gupta

10th July: T-cell immunity and the truth about Covid19 with Dr Soo Aleman (Sweden)

17th July: Can we trust Covid19 death numbers? with Prof Carl Heneghan

18th July: Suppression strategy is not viable with Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson

23rd July: Judge me in a year, with Covid19 Chief Anders Tegnell (Sweden)

4th June: Up to 80% not even susceptible to Covid19 with Professor Karl Friston

28th August: Covid panic will shorten lives with Prof Michael Levitt

3rd September: Herd mentality and herd immunity with Tyler Cowen

24th September: Covid has exposed the limits of the human species with Prof Jean-Francois Toussaint

8th October: Climate of fear on Covid is dangerous with Francois Balloux

15th October: Freddie Sayers challenges Piers Morgan on lockdown and liberalism

6th November: They fenced us in like animals - Izzy Smitheman

11th November: Hopes of a vaccine will lead to more lockdowns - Prof Tim Spector

20th November: Controversial mask study: Masks are still worthwhile - Prof Henning Bundgaard

10th December: New virus strain means containing Covid-19 is impossible...

18th December: "We are headed for disaster" - Prof Fredrik Elgh