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27th July: 'Wearing face masks is a great big badge saying I support the Government'

25th August: I am not prepared to listen to the mainstream narrative with Denise Welch

31st August: There's a great contempt for freedom, with Peter Hitchens

14th September: The Rule of Six has 'made Christmas an arrestable offense' - Peter Hitchens

21st September: 'Ramping up Covid figures is a political move' - with Peter Hitchens

23rd September: Questioning Covid-19 measures does not make you a bad person with Neil Oliver

24th September: 'There is a serious issue with people who publicly support Covid measures yet routinely break them' with Helen Dale

28th September: Cabinet ministers 'seem to have passed an exam in stupidity'

28th September: 'Our police have become highly politicised' with Douglas Murray

30th September: 'Winter is coming' - with Neil Oliver

1st October: The media class seem to want another lockdown with Helen Dale

2nd October: Covid-19 press conferences are "naked media manipulation" with Richard Medeley

5th October: 'Downing Street was panicked into a national lockdown by doomsday predictions'

8th October: 'I'm terribly vexed by Nicola Sturgeon's new nail in the hospitality sector's coffin'

12th October: If government had proper scrutiny from media and MPs it would be ‘shivering in fear’ - with Peter Hitchens

12th October: New Covid measures 'not a threat to the British people' - Oliver Dowden

12th October: UK prepares for three tier lockdown strategy

14th October: Rule of six is "pointless, arbitrary and unnecessary" with Lord Sumption

14th October: 'None of our liberties seem to matter is a government can do whatever it wants with our lives.' with Neil Oliver

19th October: The UK economy is going to go over the edge with Peter Hitchens

5th November: 'No one is listening' - Ylenia Angeli

6th November: Covid data 'mistakes' are 'one of the biggest travesties' of the pandemic

14th November: Anti-lockdown campaigner says lockdowns do not work

19th November: 'Speechless about the way people shrug as our liberties are taken away'

23rd November: Peter Hitchens urges people to 'stop swallowing this garbage'

23rd November: Shop owner refuses to close over 'complete injustice' of Covid rules

23rd November: 'Lockdowns are a luxury of the affluent' - Prof Sunetra Gupta

23rd November: Sir Desmond Swayne "Flu has been killing more than Covid recently"

25th November: 'We've surrendered liberty in the name of this virus' - Neil Oliver

27th November: 'Parliament should stop a lockdown ever happening again'

27th November: 'It's like the entire mainstream media has just given up on being journalists'

30th November: 'drive a wedge between Conservative Party and Boris Johnson' - Peter Hitchens

5th December: 'Anomalies and injustices' caused by increase in covid rules - MP John Redwood

7th December: Belief in the 'Covid system' has 'taken on shape of a semi-religious cult'

14th December: 'A political crisis is coming' - Peter Hitchens

15th December: 'It's up to us how to spend Christmas' - Dr David Nabarro

16th December: 'We are not a nation of babies' - Neil Oliver