COVID19 Initiation Ritual...?

Ok, well you'll definitely need your spiritual tin-foil hat with this one; but considering the Superbowl halftime shows, the Gotthard tunnel ceremony, the arch of Palmyra tour, the spirit cooking ceremonies, the Bohemian Grove rituals, Masonic initiation rituals, Satanism/Saturnism/Bal worship within Hollywood, and now upon reflection - the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, among many other examples, whether you believe in it or not, many of the elite partake in spiritual traditions, rituals and ceremonies... And so the question must be asked, could the covid crisis... be some form of initiation ritual...?

I rather hope not, but just encase, recognize the possibility, recognize the psychological power of rituals for transformation, reject their intentions, set your own intentions and hijack their (possible) ritual for your own personal transcendence and self-actualization.

And yes, I know I sound like a new-age lunatic, but frankly, I don't give a damn anymore!

Shit be weird and I've studied psychology, the occult and the esoteric for far too long... And whether or not any of its spiritual base is 'real' -the psychological effects from the implementation of rituals is embedded within our psyché, and we do react. Affirmations have been proven to rewrite the mind, brain-washing/predictive programming and subliminal techniques work... And the battle for the minds of men has been raging since the dawn of ideology, money and power.

Observe from a distance, question everything, believe nothing, meditate more, remember you are not your thoughts, live in the now, enjoy nature, love everyone, forgive everyone and especially love and forgive your self.

These are tough, confusing times. If hiding under a rock or distracting your mind is what's required to maintain a level of sanity, do it.

And remember... Although knowledge is power, remember wisdom is wiser, ha...