Do you know da wae?

Do you know da wae?

(2018) I created this piece from necessity;

As the media's spin on Ugandan Knuckles was generally just an assault on the youth, stirring-up racial tensions by claiming the "gamer-community" is racist and then straight-up just ban the use of the image... Clearly going against our right to freedom of expression. Eh, fuck off, especially 'cos, the gamer generations -including my generation, aren't racist. We we're raised with the internet, connected to a global world, full of diversity. Growing up with the revelations that we all have more in common, than we have different. Then we learned that we are all held down and pitted-against each other, in some shape or form, politically, religiously, financially... And so we, the vast majority, all strive for human rights and equality, because indeed, it most certainly isn't there yet, but we've learned the history, and we are heading in the right direction. To the vast majority of the younger generations, racism is just an archaic concept that doesn't come into our way of thinking. Humans are humans. We get it. Our generation, and the gamer community, aren't racist, we're the generations which are going to finally end it.

Thus I wanted to reclaim this meme from the political puppetry and media-driven divide and conquer bullshit, and re-present it as an image of enlightenment, of hope, of resistance and defiance, because it's just a bit of innocent bemusement. Joy within the void.

So yeah... I really hope people start to see the narratives being pushed, that they are creating the illusion of division, and in response, we all need to stop being hoodwinked, and stop being so easily offended by everything. Stop virtue-signaling or playing the victim... And start resisting their agenda-driven version of reality -because they will use our response against us, to justify taking-away more and more of our rights. Just like they have, with this...

It's a fucking cartoon for fucks sake.

So please, do not forget da wae...