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April 26th: The “New Normal” You Are Meant to Accept

May 24th: The Second Wave (of BS) - Brace Yourself

30th May: Divide and Conquer. Why?

4th June: Where Did Corona Go?

6th June: Dehumanising Our Children - Back to School "New Normal"

6th August: Hands. Face. Space. WTF??

18th August: Food Plant Closures. Food Shortages. What's Next?

24th August: "This is not a Mask" No, it's Worst Than That

9th September: BANNED Social Gatherings From 30 to 6

17th September: "Second Lockdown Disastrous" - Continues Locking Down

4th October: LEAKED EMAILS Reveal NO Lockdown For Wealthy Areas...

7th October: No Test No Travel

14th December: They're Telling You

20th December: Now There is No Doubt