Blood Moon Messages...

Lift your eye, witness the blood moon rise,

as the red dragon, Mars hangs heavy in the sky.

The comet brings forth the draconid showers,

…Beware all of these... Draconian powers…

The storms rage on from the elliptical curve,

our worlds getting hot, is this what we deserve?

For losing our way, for losing our minds,

for being mislead or consciously blind…?

Now the moons have awoken, encircling the king,

The spirits have spoken, its time to sing!

For the rainbow warriors and indigo children,

Its time to battle your inner reptilian.

The road up ahead is a dangerous run,

keep your heart strong, knowing we're one.

For the path of the light, is our heroes quest,

Act within love... and our journey is blessed…

In Lak’ech x