What is the Miind Project?

The Miind project is an online alias for which the reclusive Artist, Poet, and Philosopher, Miind, can hopefully attain some peace of mind throughout the madness and confusion of the post-truth era, while continuing to stay connected, share their creations, learn how to articulate their thoughts, and collectively seek knowledge and wisdom.


The Past:


Beginning their journey of exploration through a love of art, nature, history and philosophy, Miind has always been captivated by the awe and beauty of existence, the story before and beyond the self, and the infinite possibilities of human creativity. Wishing to express and share this reverence for life, Miind began creating.


Always questioning society, culture, and authority, Miind has never accepted anothers' interpretation of reality, adhered to peer-pressures, conformed to societal norms, or chosen a side within debates. Due to this, the oxymoronic contrarian developed their own philosophy and ethics, which takes influence from copious cultures and concepts, including stoicism, rationalism, and taoism, among many others. Miind then uses this baseline patchwork philosophy to contemplate all aspects of reality from a pragmatic position of informed uncertainty, accepting that there are no singular truths; only knowledge, perspectives, and personal choice.


Embracing the cerebral fluidity of non-partisan contemplation, Miind doesn’t necessarily believe in anything, but has never-the-less developed a unique interpretation of reality which unites scientific reasoning with ethereal intuition. One which can reconcile facts and fictions, which also includes subjective and objective reflections, ideas and solutions. Ostensively paradoxical by nature, but ultimately well-intended, Miind optimistically attempts to share their thoughts and philosophy with everyone... However, this usually results in Miind being excessively misunderstood and categorically mislabelled, which has heartbreakingly led towards being alienated from the majority of society. 


The Present:


Currently the world is going through huge societal, cultural, and political shifts, whilst dealing with no consensus reality, a global pandemic, and fifth generational warfare. During these times of fear and uncertainty, the people are emotionally sensitive, highly polarised, and religiously tribalistic. Globally, the archaic governing bodies incompetence, contempt, and self-serving natures are being revealed, whilst the growing technopoly is making sweeping moves at controlling all forms of discourse and agency. The economy is crashing worst than the great depression, and the gap between the haves and have-nots has increased like never before, while attempts at creating new forms of digital currency are under attack, manipulation, and reappropriation. The media has become entirely partisan, caught provably lying, misinforming and spreading propaganda, whilst true journalists are being systematically deplatformed or are currently stuck behind bars for exposing war crimes. Meanwhile, proxy-wars and sanctions continue to rage between superpowers, whilst they’ve also begun increasing their powers within their boarders, decimating our human-rights, our freedom of movement, our right to association and assembly, our rights to protest, and even our freedom of speech. Of course, all with “valid excuses” and through our collective compliance. Indeed, the world has never been more divided, divisive, and horrendously deluded... Teetering on the brink of a complete civilisational collapse.


Miind believes that the root cause of this, is mainly a clash of ideologies through a lack of mutually beneficial philosophies, lacking empathy, tolerance, nuanced understanding, and fair cooperation. This lacking of philosophy, empathy and cooperation has led to peoples fear being hijacked by multiple ideologies for ulterior motives. With many players seeking power and control over a corrupted and dysfunctional society, Miind doesn’t actually believe in any over-arching or all-encompassing conspiracies, but rather, a more complex narrative thats been subconsciously playing-out and physically manifesting over many generations. Essentially, it’s mankind wrestling with its own existence, whilst mindlessly creating the next great filter...


Whether a wrong or right interpretation of reality, at this point it is almost undeniable that the mainstream media, geo-politics, and the military industrial complex, as well as the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and technological industries, and especially the fiat financial system at the centre of it all, are no longer serving the majority of people, or the planet. Instead they are negatively impacting our personal and collective psyché, as well as putting our physical health, and the health, development, and opportunities of future generations at risk.


The Future:


Miind hopes and believes that humanity will overcome our collectively-created challenges, and redirect our current trajectory… But doesn’t believe it's possible unless we all truly begin to recognise and address the issues, firstly within ourselves, and then within our society, cultures, and politics.


Regrettably resolving these issues is far beyond the capability of any individual, and quite possibly, beyond a single generations’ life time. However, that doesn’t excuse ourselves from the responsibility of at least trying to create a positive impact, doing whatever we can to assist with healing ourselves, our communities, our species, and our planet.


Unfortunately though, Miind is just another product of their environment. An uneducated, unaccomplished, half-baked, philoslothical pizza boy, with many flaws, hinderances, and blindspots. With an incomplete philosophy, amateur art skills, poor mental health, and almost no self-discipline, Miind bumbles through existence, just trying to survive the day-to-day struggles of modern life.


However, with their unique interpretation of reality, Miind naively hopes and believes that their philosophy, artwork, and poetry, could positively effect the space-time continuum, and so that’s what Miind is attempting to manifest.


Through creating this digital alter-ego, Miind hopes to develop their art, poetry, philosophy, and communicational skills, whilst also levelling-up their off-line personal life, trying to become the best, fully-actualised, version of themselves.


Knowing that no man is an island, and that strong communities are vital for our personal and collective growth, Miind has also began curating the Hive-Miind community. A community for like-miinded individuals to assist with healing, collectively gathering and debating information, seeking further understanding, personal wisdom and possible solutions.


If you can think and feel with nuance and empathy, can contemplate concepts without prejudgement, or adoption, can hold paradoxical opinions and perspectives, and ultimately, can always lovingly agree to disagree, then please consider joining the Hive-Miind community.


However, if you believe that all of this is just the ridiculous ramblings of a questionably sane and potentially unhinged individual, you’d be be absolutely right, but this is most likely not the place for you…


Either which way, please try to view reality unclouded, listening with nuance, speaking your truth, and acting through love… Remembering, it is what it is, and that life… finds a way...