What is the Hive-Miind?

The Hive-Miind is a multifaceted experiment attempting to manifest a different kind of online social interaction. Focused on kindness, honesty, and humbled uncertainty, the Hive-Miind aims at organising a supportive online community of curious Miinds that will share, contemplate, and discuss a wide range of challenging, alternative, and inspiring topics, from multiple perspectives and personal experiences. Through befriending an eclectic group of anonymous Miinds, collectively exploring our shared reality, while holding no political or spiritual positions, knowing no ultimate answers, and seeking no singular truths, the almost direction-less Hive-Miind simply hopes for communal discoveries, open dialogue, and personal growth…

As the Hive-Miind doesn't want to become an echo-chamber, an epistemic bubble, or develop into some kind of cult, Miind encourages all information, ideas, and opinions, to be challenged, by all members, from all perspectives. Often debates will have no clear answers or resolutions, so all members should be capable of engaging in good-faith debates, without resorting to name calling or ad hominem attacks. All members should also be able to think and feel with nuance and empathy, capable of contemplating concepts without prejudgement, or adoption, capable of holding paradoxical opinions and perspectives, and be tolerant of opposing views and opinions, always being prepared to agree to disagree.

To help create a harmonious community the Hive-Miind is limited to 150 members, and fragmented into focus groups. This limitation promotes a stronger community where every voice can be heard, and the fragmentation enables members to narrate their own Hive-Miind experience.

As the Hive-Miind is an extension of the Miind project, members will gain full access to Miind’s personal Set & Setting. This is Miind's sacred blog, where they have the freedom to formulate, track, and develop their thoughts and ideas, to celebrate life or vent their frustrations, and where they can share and say whatever they desire, completely unfiltered and uncensored.

Due to this, Miind asks that all applicants adhere to the websites privacy rules and base-line philosophy of unsanity.


Thank you.


Miind is currently recruiting a wide range of voluntary specialist content providers, to initiate the development of groups. Successful applicants should be passionate and well informed about their chosen subject matter. The roles include providing content twice a month, framing and participating in debates, and maintaining harmony within the group discussions.


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